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KINōplus+ MOSOFF Natural Mosquito Repellent Cream (30ml)

KINōplus+Natural Mosquito Repellent Cream [30ML]

MOSOFF Natural Mosquito Repellent Cream is formulated with 100% non-toxic natural plant extracts. This means that it is completely safe, even on a delicate baby’s skin and in any case of accidental ingestion. The cream features a 3-in-1 formulation that repels mosquitoes, relieves itchy bug bites and moisturises the skin at the same time. Utilizing the zesty scent of Kaffir Lime essential oil, this repellent cream effectively masks off the carbon dioxide released from the skin that is highly attractive to female mosquitoes. Its refreshing and uplifting scent also provides an aromatherapy effect to help elevate one’s mood and reduce stress levels.

• 3 in 1 effect - Repel, Relief & Moisturise
• Non-toxic
• Natural plant extracts
• Baby-safe
• Hypoallergenic
• Alcohol and DEET free
• Light weight and non-greasy


• Kaffir Lime Essential Oil - Repels mosquitoes, elevates mood and relieves stress   Award Winner for the Reader Choice Award 2020 by Natutral Health

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